Episode 7: Google’s big reveal is coming, Apple Music vs Spotify, WeWalk smart cane and more

Episode 7: Google’s big reveal is coming, Apple Music vs Spotify, WeWalk smart cane and more

Hi Mosen at Largers. Many will be tuning in for Google’s big event. They’ll reveal the Pixel 4 this coming week and there’ll be other things unveiled too. A listener asks me to talk about anything I’d like to see announced.

Are you a Mac user looking forward to a greater variety of apps? It appears Apple may have seriously dropped the accessibility ball with its new Catalyst project.

We hear some inside information on Apple’s new series about a world full of blind people called “See”, and get confirmation that all Apple TV Plus series will contain audio description.

I give you my recommendation for the BBC Radio 4 Feedback podcast and tell you why I find it so entertaining.

Change in something as fundamental as the way you read can be disconcerting. A listener questions whether the Unified English Braille code is advancing the cause of Braille.

A listener seeks advice, is it safe to upgrade an iPhone 6s to iOS 13? Is speed faster, slower or roughly the same?

We’re not shy of tackling the controversial questions on this show. Oh boy! A listener wants to know which is better, Apple Music or Spotify? I give you my take and you’re welcome to share yours.

We hear from a listener who owns a WeWalk Smart Cane. I’d love to hear from others who have one of these to find out how it’s working out for you.

Google Maps has enhanced walking directions for blind people who live in the US or Japan, and BlindSquare now has tight Aira integration.

We discuss techniques for keeping your new phone battery in top shape.

Now I know I have a hearing impairment, but I think I heard via Twitter that October is meet the blond month. I think that’s right. So my favourite blonde, Bonnie Mosen, is on the show. Bonnie and I have a good old rant about the insulting inappropriateness of postal ballots in elections without any accessible alternative.

And just how lucky am I really?