Mosen At Large Episode 6, Apple VoiceOver bugs, big announcements from Amazon, Ulysses review, and let’s stop disrespecting Braille

Hi Mosen at Largers. This week, a listener reviews a set of bone conduction headphones he particularly likes.


A listener recounts his experiences transferring all his data from his old iPhone to his shiny new one using Apple’s phone to phone method.

We discuss serious iOS 13 bugs and possible ways around them, especially the freezing after a call.


Why does Bana and some other Braille authorities ask us to disrespect Braille, the man and the code, by suggesting it not be capitalised unless we’re referring to the individual? This is something I feel very strongly about. Here’s my blog post on the subject. I urge those who feel the same way to bring this to their consumer conventions next year by way of resolution. Let’s get this fixed.


I provide some hints on giving presentations with a Braille display and iPhone.


I describe my experience with Ulysses, a writing app for iOS with a Mac version also available, that is fully accessible and wonderful to use, but currently has one show stopper of a bug when I use it with my iPhone.


I discuss the deluge of announcements that came from Amazon, with plenty of innovative hardware and software changes to look forward to.


Bonnie has a new toy! She gives us some initial impressions of her Focus 40 Blue from Vispero.


We here about a couple of fun Alexa skills, Box of Cats and Audible Clock.


Finally, we look ahead to Apple TV Plus.


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