Episode 84: US elections and voting systems, a miscellany of tech topics, new iPhone feedback and more

Welcome back, Mosen at Largers. We have quite the cornucopia of questions, answers and discussion about all manner of things. Thanks to all our contributors for making each show lively, unique and unpredictable. This week:

More comments on the US election and voting system,2:15.525
Why are so many people unwilling to wear masks?,20:32.798
Getting a US iTunes account when you’re not in the US,29:50.188
Speech cutting out in Windows,34:14.288. This section makes reference to the Silenzio app for Windows. This link will download the executable file.
In praise of the Blind Shell Classic,36:17.534
Looking for an accessible stand-alone Internet radio,38:59.034
Subscribing to SiriusXM Online outside the US,40:21.640
Talking smart oven,44:46.946
More technology memories,47:48.310
Problems with Zoom screen sharing,50:21.954
Controlling Lire storage,53:58.332
The good old podcast app for Windows question,56:02.485
Making the HumanWare Victor Reader StreamBluetooth-capable,57:36.162
Niche hobbies and accessibility,58:58.333
The old Blind Side Podcast Alexa skill,1:01:56.711
Our Apple Feedback Section begins with comments on Apple Music,1:04:02.684
iPhone SE battery life and handy shortcuts for managing your battery,1:06:48.967
SimpleNote cross-platform note taking app,1:13:47.225
What’s causing all this iPhone verbosity?,1:15:20.142
Can’t get VoiceOver to use the Siri voice on Apple Watch series 6,1:19:35.189
MFI hearing aids and the iPhone 12 range,1:22:13.023
Yea for new iPhones,1:26:33.042
DIY password management,1:32:16.527
Feedback on various past topics,1:36:08.254
More on the future of mobility,1:40:46.873
More misc feedback,1:45:22.647
Reading faster with a screen reader,1:48:44.606
Closing and contact info,1:50:45.766
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