Episode 85: US election craziness, remembering our old tape recorders, Apple feedback and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Here’s another bumper episode of thoughtful and useful comments thanks to your input.
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US political musings,2:15.423
Family circumstances have caused me to rethink my politics,11:45.381
Memories of tape recorders you have used,20:30.790
New Zealand’s COVID contact tracing app,1:03:57.575
Old tape recorder and new iPhone Mini,1:06:43.410
The latest state of Android andChromeOS,1:08:36.476
Can anyone recommend a small Bluetooth keyboard?,1:09:32.247
Apple Feedback starts with naming your iPhone,1:11:38.256
Mac privacy concerns,1:12:50.292
MFI hearing aid problems largely resolved,1:18:50.409
iMessage weirdness,1:32:43.290
Email keeps coming back,1:33:48.249
Just Press Record and stereo recording,1:37:22.778
Election thoughts and iPhone 12 findings,1:39:19.462
Lak of widespread Microsoft Soundscape availability,1:42:08.729
Talking microwave perhaps a bit patronising?,1:44:46.368
In the Bonnie Bulletin, Bonnie’s got a Mantis and many tape recorder memories,1:48:20.316
Closing and contact info,1:58:42.729
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