Episode 93: Braille bugs in iOS 14.4, laptops you like and don’t, Uber guide dog discrimination and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Thanks to your contributions, it’s another busy and informative show. Here’s what’s in store.
Braille issues in iOS 14.4,0:29.836
Anticipating the Brailliant episode,14:25.339
Laptops you like…and don’t,16:57.169
A solution to dodgy laptop keyboards,24:06.823
Mainstream tech support and blind people,27:45.964
Rivo2 and Microsoft Outlook on the blink,36:12.504
The Castro podcast app for iOS,41:56.005
Are AirPods Max worth the money?,53:07.474
Seeing AI,1:01:29.527
Remembering Larry King,1:05:51.386
Learning to take good pictures with iPhone,1:13:35.792
The golden age of moon exploration,1:16:48.456
Zoom recorders,1:18:41.259
Upskilling and Braille displays,1:20:40.959
Ringtones and WhatsApp,1:22:50.631
Fire TV,1:24:26.667
Alexa sounds,1:25:26.837
Skipping to the Bonnie Bulletin,1:27:44.104
Learning and supporting each other online,1:31:57.765
Uber guide dog refusal,1:37:36.348
Closing and contact info,1:45:42.125
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