In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 3

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen’s life, we learn about Jonathan the undergraduate at the University of Auckland, and some of his early technology use including the VersaBraille from TSI, the Apple 2 E, the Keynote XL and its companion KeyTerm program that connected him to dial-up bulletin board systems and the CompuServe Information Service with the aid of a modem.

He discusses finding NFB literature on CompuServe and the positive impact it had both on his life and thinking about blindness.

We learn about the beginning of Jonathan’s blindness activism in New Zealand.

Radio opportunity came knocking for Jonathan while still at University. He describes putting his studies on temporary hold, then his crazy final year of gruelling work and study.

We look at some of the equipment and techniques that allowed Jonathan to do what he did, including Braille.

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