In The Arena, the Jonathan Mosen Story episode 4

As Glen Gordon continues to explore Jonathan Mosen’s life, we begin by talking about why it was necessary for Jonathan to quit full-time radio in the interests of starting a family. But their attempts to start a family began tragically.

Jonathan talks candidly about his then lack of domestic skills and what that did for balance in his relationship.

He says being a dad is the single most important thing he’s done in his life. We hear some memories from his children; Heidi, Richard, David and Nicola.

In 1994, Jonathan trains with his first and only guide dog to date.

We learn how Jonathan’s view of blindness and its impact expanded thanks to his role as a service advisor for the Foundation for the Blind.

We begin exploring Jonathan’s role as the Foundation for the Blind’s Manager, Government Relations. Jonathan talks about how it was not expected he would be appointed to the role, and the happenstance that helped him land the job.

Jonathan’s first campaign was to advocate successfully for a Copyright Act that was to enshrine a principle in New Zealand law that would ultimately be adopted in other countries and form the basis of the Marrakesh Treaty.

He led a successful campaign to change the Juries Act in New Zealand, amid considerable controversy.

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