“iOS 11 Without the Eye” is coming, here’s how to get it

The “iOS Without the Eye” series is our most popular tutorial. We’re thrilled that so many VoiceOver users find it an indispensable tool for getting to grips with all the changes in the software powering their iDevice. Thanks so much to everyone who purchases these books and recommends them to their friends. You rock. You also make it all worthwhile.


I start writing these books on the day of WWDC, and believe me, when that first developer beta comes out, it can often be a test of all those new mindfulness skills I claim to have acquired.


We’ve kept the price the same for this book as we have in previous years, $19.95. But we have made one important change I want to tell you about.


Since the first book in this series in 2013, we’ve offered pre-orders, and masses of people have taken advantage of them. The idea behind this was that you could order the book in advance, and have it in your email box on iOS release day, to guive you through.


Increasingly, we’ve found that when we send bulk mailings like this, some email providers, particularly Gmail, think we’re sending spam. Sometimes the mail ends up in the spam folder, other times it doesn’t make it at all. That’s not the kind of good customer experience Mosen Consulting prides itself in. We want to do all we can to make sure you have the book when you need it most.


For this reason, we’ll be releasing the book fractionally earlier, but not making it available for pre-order. With our handy-dandy e-commerce platform, it means that you’ll be able to make your purchase, and download it right away. No anxt about wondering what happened to that book you were promised.


So, to be advised the moment the book is available for order, be sure to follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our announcements list.

To learn all about “iOS 11 Without the Eye”, head over to Mosen.org/iOS11.

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