You asked for it, here it is. A comprehensive course from Mosen Consulting on podcasting

Time flies, and it’s hard to believe Mosen Consulting has been in business now for almost 4.5 years. Thanks for helping to make it a reality.


When I started this journey, I surveyed the community about how we could best help. Then, and over the years since, demystifying how to get into, or improve, the creation of podcasts was a popular request.


I knew that this would be a big undertaking if it was going to be done thoroughly. At last, I’ve been able to pay this topic the serious attention it needs. The result is a four-week, eight-hour course, “Unleash your Inner Podcast”. I called it that because there may well be a podcast inside most of us.


Mosen Consulting has trained a number of people who have gone on to running successful podcasts, so you can benefit from all we’ve learned together at a much more affordable rate than the cost of one-on-one training.


I’m also glad that we’ve waited this long, because there are some very cool new tools and services now available that have emerged recently. They’ll make a big difference to the sound of your podcast.


Unleash your Inner Podcast is suitable for those who have always wanted to give podcasting a go but didn’t know where to begin, and for those who are already
podcasting and may want a few tips and tricks.


I’ve produced a thorough outline of what you’ll get if you purchase this eight-hour series of webinars. You can look it over, and I hope make a purchase,

Purchase the webinar archive, “Unleash your Inner Podcast”, with Jonathan Mosen

Hope to see you in the course room soon.