Join the crew live from new Zealand as we explode into 2022

We’ve been tested, we’ve been stressed and we’ve been challenged. But 2021 is about to be done, and it’s all brand new in 2022.


In the 23 years I’ve been doing live Internet radio, new year shows have been a common feature. In fact, my very first live Internet radio show was a new year party in 1998. While I haven’t done a new year show every year, it has become something of a tradition and this will be the 13th consecutive live new year show from Mosen Towers.


When we started this long streak of shows in 2009, the bananas were much younger, so much younger than today. Now days they are scattered around the country and doing their own things at this time of year. Nevertheless, this year Bonnie, Heidi and spotty nephew Anthony Horvath will be in the studio at Mosen Towers as we bid farewell to 2021 and we ring in the new year. Imagine that, unless you’re listening from New Zealand, you’ll be able to listen to programming from 2022 while you’re still in 2021! Dude that is, like, so spacey!


We do this live show from New Zealand at 9 PM New Zealand Daylight time on new year’s eve, and take you through to 1 AM on New Year’s day. That means we begin at 3 AM bright and early on Friday morning North American Eastern time, 7 AM in the UK, and 7 PM in Eastern Australia.


We’ll have some ripping rocking party tunes, get some pizza in, and reflect on what has been a very tough year but which has also had it’s good points. …, Yes really. The Mushroom FM Twitter hashtag will be open and ready for your tweets, and the email and listener line will be open.


We are so grateful that so many people set their alarms for this show, and it’s a privilege to bring it to you again. Exploding into 2022, new year’s eve right here on Mushroom FM.