Coming up this week on Mosen At Large, workarounds for Uber’s buggy apps, running on a treadmill without holding on, iOS Access for All is updated and more

Kia ora Mosen at Largers. Our amazing community has put together another informative, thought-provoking listen for you, and it’ll be in your podcast app this weekend. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect.

It seems that like me, a few people are feeling the pain of a significant deterioration of the accessibility of Uber’s apps. It’s annoying, eh? We’ve had some listener suggestions as to how to work around some of them. One very useful contribution ensured that I was able to use Uber to take a trip this week when I may otherwise not have. Now that is news you can use.

Some great user reviews this week. We hear a review of the latest Signia hearing aids, a review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and yet another review, this one of a cool new device for those with diabetes which may make pricking your finger a thing of the past.

Are you a blind person who is majorly into DIY? I most certainly am not, that is not a strength of mine. But a listener wants to know about carpentry when you’re blind, so we are counting on our community to nail this one.

Shelly Brisbin’s “iOS Access for All” is a comprehensive resource that looks at all aspects of accessibility on iOS. It’s a fantastic tool if you’re a seasoned iPhone user who wants to make the most of the latest features, a beginner who wants a guide to getting up to speed, or a trainer who needs to know every nook and cranny of the OS. Shelly joins me to discuss the latest edition of the book. We also do some crystal ball gazing and look at what the new Apple headset might be like from a blindness perspective.

There’s plenty more on the show as well. If you want to raise something new, you’re very welcome. Please don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you. What makes Mosen At Large special is the global community we’ve built and all the perspectives we share with each other.


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