Mosen At Large Episode 12, grammatical and linguistic pet peeves, Disney Plus launches, there’s a new MacBook Pro and much more

Hi again Mosen At Largers. Today the listening audience bonds over linguistic and grammatical pet peeves. So, like, um, totally listen irregardless? You know?


We hear some more about MFI hearing aids and their co-existence with the latest version of iOS.


The Brave Browser, which touts super security and privacy, is officially released with version 1.0 now available, and it works again with NVDA.


A listener is getting some more helpful information about compatibility issues with Sendero GPS and iOS 13.


Disney+ is now out and had a bit of a rocky start. We hear a few thoughts on whether it’s worthwhile.


Makers of Twitterrific, The Icon Factory, have released a new radio app called Triode. Does it add enough value beyond what Siri in iOS 13 can already offer?


Do live audio described performances adequately accommodate the hearing impaired? Bonnie and I discuss and a couple of listeners chime in, and we celebrate the arrival of our latest gadget, the light and fluffy omelette maker. Yum.


If you’re in the UK and missing access to most BBC streams on TuneIn, you’ll be pleased to know that the BBC Sounds app supports Siri Shortcuts.


Apple has unveiled a new MacBook Pro, with plenty of attention being paid to the input and output side of the audio. Is your mouth watering?


We solve the mystery raised last week of how to get out of the add task screen in the latest version of my task manager of choice, Todoist. And it’s very simple. Bah!



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