Mosen At Large Episode 27, COVID-19 perspectives experiences and fears from around the world, new hardware and software from Apple, and yea for accessible Rubik’s cubes

Hi Mosen at Largers. This week’s show is a little longer than usual to give you a bit more fresh content to listen to. It also demonstrates the amazing sense of community we’ve built up in the last 21 years I’ve been connected with you via Internet radio and podcasting.


Please note that to keep our community in touch with one another and to provide some connection during this difficult time, whenever possible I will be hosting my show on Mushroom FM during the week live, twice a day from Monday to Friday. There will be a new show at 2 AM US Eastern time and another new show at 2 PM US Eastern time. For details about where that is where you are, check the Mushroom FM schedule.

This week on the show.


Temporarily, I’m live twice a day during the week on Mushroom FM,0:47.810

COVID-19 from a blindness perspective,2:48.436

Keeping fit during COVID-19 isolation with reference to the awesome fully described workouts from ,8:12.267

Accessible Rubik’s Cube,9:55.920

Thoughts from Christopher on iOS 14,12:55.737

Listener comment on familiar voices at a difficult time,21:04.402

Listener question about accounts in multiple Apple App Stores,21:53.941

My audiobook on Zoom is now free,28:57.670

A UK perspective onCOVID-19,30:45.392

Will summer help lessen the spread ofCOVID-19,32:53.421

A California perspective,35:00.960

COVID-19 thoughts fromWisconsin,36:00.694

Simple Singles is a new podcast from Mushroom FM’s Sara Hillis,39:12.449

Helping older parents during these tough times,48:54.769

A New York perspective,54:49.832

Will The Archers continue without abreak,55:14.872

Employment discrimination, carrying cash safely and video doorbells,59:59.331

Giveaways to help during the COVID-19 pandemic,1:06:34.262

Are any of the recommendations on this show financially incentivised?,1:11:35.723

Zoom questions,1:16:28.378

Is there a camera app for Windows that speaks face detection like iOS?,1:19:26.760

Eloquence on iOS,1:21:48.882

COVID-19 brings with it unsettling times,1:23:45.406

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with a New Zealand COVID-19 perspective,1:29:29.227

Poor quality of Facebook live and other video streams,1:39:46.267

Success with Zoom,1:44:41.087

WHO’s onFacebook andWHO’s on WhatsApp,1:45:19.091

iOS 13.4 coming this week and new hardware from Apple is here,1:46:16.698

The Mac is great for Windows but VoiceOver is unreliable,1:51:18.095

Where can you still get the SharpTalkingTime,1:54:19.410

Problems with Braille Screen input in iOS,1:56:37.759

Don’t Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus,1:57:35.830

Looking overseas for examples of leadership,1:58:21.182


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