Mosen At Large Episode 29, more blind people report in from around the world, audio graphing with iOS and VoiceOver, tips for hearing aid wearers, a new Sonos operating system and more

Hi Mosen At Largers. I’m back again with another jam-packed episode put together by our wonderful community. Don’t forget, many of us are staying in touch twice a day every week day at the moment on Mushroom FM, and you’re very welcome to tune in and tell us how you’re doing. Let’s stick together and support each other.

Here’s what’s on the show today.


Very strict lockdown in New Zealand,0:51.951

New Zealand receives a nationwide emergency alert,9:50.505

A guest appearance from someone famous,14:54.072

German perspective,17:03.292

An unwelcome hint in iOS 13.4 Mail,17:53.878

Why are even seasoned work from homers finding this time so tough,19:01.360

Sites to help record podcast interviews,23:23.316. Sites mentioned include Squadcast, Zencastr and CleanFeed.

NFB is doing a live presidential release and other consumer organisations holding virtual gatherings,30:10.278

Strict delivery requirements at a complex for the over 55s,32:50.808

A report from Scotland and question about the LBC app,35:09.608

Speaking out against the catastrophic COVID-19 response in the US,39:11.428

Revisiting the question of VoiceOver sounds coming through the speaker when using MFI hearing aids,42:00.965

Will we get remixes of earlier Beatles albums?,47:10.540

Getting up to speed with Backpack Studio and Zoom,48:45.736

Checking in with Canada,51:53.632

Update from a schoolteacher in New York,56:03.723

Report fromWashingtonDC,59:50.438

Podcast hosting recommendations,1:03:18.846. Sites mentioned include Libsyn, Podbean, Pinecast and Anker.

Where to buy the Sharp Talking Time,1:05:04.157

Bluetooth hearing solutions for an RIC hearing aid wearer,1:06:44.919

Guide dog treats for when the usuals don’t turn up,1:09:06.468

Recent experience of Zencastr,1:09:31.004

Oh the places you’ll go when in lockdown,1:11:45.552

The Bonnie Bulletin in lockdown,1:13:43.154

Is Britbox accessible?,1:19:24.880

Different approaches to getting work for disabled people,1:23:56.187

Answer to the Bluetooth headphones for RIC hearing aid wearers question,1:29:04.598

Allen and Heath Zed-12FX versus Zed-24FX mixer,1:29:45.883

Little known feature. Audio presentation of graphical data in iOS 13,1:33:17.855

ECG and irregular heart rate notifications have come to New Zealand onAppleWatch,1:34:45.457

Webcam recommendations,1:35:03.781

Blindness providers in New Zealand,1:39:44.984

Apps for maintaining a journal,1:40:21.662

My Sonosthesia book and big changes coming to Sonos with their new S2 operating system,1:42:01.095

Google Podcast is now available for iOS and you can hear Mosen At Large with it,1:44:15.864

Journal app recommendation Day One Journal,1:44:57.703

More on Apple’s audio graphing,1:45:25.281


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