Episode 30: Is it time to give up on Zoom Cloud Meetings, Apple working on massive improvements to the way the camera works for blind people, and listeners report in on COVID-19

Hi Mosen at Largers. Bonnie and I send our best to you as we all navigate these difficult waters together in isolation. We wish you safety and good health. Today:


An interesting new book, Fast Asleep by Michael Mosley,0:37.371

Acts of kindness and the SoupDrinker,2:10.880

COVID-19 in Quebec,7:27.633

Bluetooth headset recommendations,11:27.177

External microphones when using video conference iOS apps,12:53.293

Sounds in Microsoft Office and Microsoft announces Microsoft 365,19:38.496

Political comments on the podcast and Envision Smart Glasses,23:29.294

It’s not as efficient to use the iPhone as it used to be,30:24.607

Major Apple Watch series 5 battery drain after update,36:10.443

Many little things are so different inCalifornia,38:36.134

Bluetooth headsets or earbuds you can wear in the shower,43:34.880

Plug a powered USB hub into your iPhone,44:39.214

Is it time to give up on Zoom Cloud Meetings?,45:35.209

The tech companies warned us this was coming,53:32.377

Working from home seems to generate more work,54:36.007

Facebook unveils new features inspired by COVID-19,55:46.697

The Bonnie bulletin in lockdown,57:58.613

Techniques for recording YouTube videos when blind,1:01:37.503

Some fine things have been laid upon your table but you only want the ones you can’t get,1:05:58.447

Lord of the rings movies with audio description?,1:07:22.725

Report from New York,1:10:02.104

Apple files patent that dramatically improves the use of the camera for blind people,1:15:58.528

Looks like it’s the iPhone SE 2,1:18:39.787

Dell says you can now control iPhone from its computers,1:20:13.372

People inventing reasons to get in touch during the lockdown,1:21:11.753

Loved ones in self-isolation,1:22:00.066

Other medical procedures suffering due to COVID-19,1:22:41.264

Big improvements to the Spotify app for Apple Watch,1:24:28.026