Mosen At Large Episode 30, Is it time to give up on Zoom Cloud Meetings, Apple working on massive improvements to the way the camera works for blind people, and listeners report in on COVID-19

Hi Mosen at Largers. Bonnie and I send our best to you as we all navigate these difficult waters together in isolation. We wish you safety and good health. Today:


An interesting new book, Fast Asleep by Michael Mosley,0:37.371

Acts of kindness and the SoupDrinker,2:10.880

COVID-19 in Quebec,7:27.633

Bluetooth headset recommendations,11:27.177

External microphones when using video conference iOS apps,12:53.293

Sounds in Microsoft Office and Microsoft announces Microsoft 365,19:38.496

Political comments on the podcast and Envision Smart Glasses,23:29.294

It’s not as efficient to use the iPhone as it used to be,30:24.607

Major Apple Watch series 5 battery drain after update,36:10.443

Many little things are so different inCalifornia,38:36.134

Bluetooth headsets or earbuds you can wear in the shower,43:34.880

Plug a powered USB hub into your iPhone,44:39.214

Is it time to give up on Zoom Cloud Meetings?,45:35.209

The tech companies warned us this was coming,53:32.377

Working from home seems to generate more work,54:36.007

Facebook unveils new features inspired by COVID-19,55:46.697

The Bonnie bulletin in lockdown,57:58.613

Techniques for recording YouTube videos when blind,1:01:37.503

Some fine things have been laid upon your table but you only want the ones you can’t get,1:05:58.447

Lord of the rings movies with audio description?,1:07:22.725

Report from New York,1:10:02.104

Apple files patent that dramatically improves the use of the camera for blind people,1:15:58.528

Looks like it’s the iPhone SE 2,1:18:39.787

Dell says you can now control iPhone from its computers,1:20:13.372

People inventing reasons to get in touch during the lockdown,1:21:11.753

Loved ones in self-isolation,1:22:00.066

Other medical procedures suffering due to COVID-19,1:22:41.264

Big improvements to the Spotify app for Apple Watch,1:24:28.026



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