Mosen At Large Episode 39, would you buy an iPhone without any ports at all, Windows 10 May 2020 update is out, some cool talking clock demos and socialising via Zoom

Kia ora Mosen At largers. Thank you for your wonderful contributions which make the show what it is. Don’t be shy, feel free to have your say. There are a few things in this episode you may have an opinion about.

Here’s a list of topics discussed and when we discuss them. Remember, if you use a podcast client that supports chapters, you can skip easily between segments.



One active case of COVID-19 left in the whole of New Zealand,1:05.652

Robert J Sawyer has a new book The Oppenheimer Alternative,2:37.329

Apple fixed its app running bug with a massive number of reissues,4:52.925

Rumours Apple is going to produce a portless iPhone,7:39.198

Popular BBC radio drama The Archers is back but not as we know it,11:31.256

Google Keep and other apps to maintain lists across platforms,13:15.090

Transferring content between two people’s iPhones,15:45.009

Should I make the switch to Android?,19:59.806

hearing aids and experience with handytech Braille displays,23:22.870

Do you have the brand new Windows 10 yet?,27:33.668

Talking clock memories and are wireless chargers really worth the bother?,33:12.174

Windows 10 built-in voices are yuck,37:49.981

Talking clock demo and living in New Zealand rocks,39:49.858

wireless charging and portless iPhones,42:54.502

The Tiffany Report on socialising via Zoom and balancing audio between Zoom and JAWS,44:40.900

External microphones for an iPhone and what the soup is a dongle anyway?,51:59.048

Book recommendation Rodham by Curtis Sittenfeld,1:00:24.995

A demonstration of that classic Sharp talking clock calculator,1:03:09.220

The Samson Q2U dynamic microphone,1:07:29.757

The benefits of Windows 10 default audio device behaviour,1:09:01.733

Looking for weather apps and skills recommendations,1:09:55.370

Thanks to this podcast I got a mixer and love it,1:13:10.783

If you don’t have the 18 watt Apple Charging brick you should grab one,1:16:07.775

Can no longer use the track slider in YouTube for iOS,1:17:03.656

Mosen At Large is on YouTube and live for 3 hours each week on Mushroom FM,1:19:31.948



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