Mosen At Large Episode 47, is it OK for people to use the word blind to mean something other than the absence of sight, would you buy an iPhone without a charger, favourite Bluetooth keyboards and more

Kia ora Mosen At Largers. Here’s what’s in store for you this week.


Opening and contact information,0:00.000

An extra episode coming later in the week,2:15.544

Is it OK for the word Blind to be used to mean something other than the absence of sight?,2:59.791

Is it right for Apple to consider not bundling a charger in the box for its next iPhones?,15:15.684

Echolocation and facial vision,19:44.187



Reaction to no iPhone charging brick in the box,33:35.088

More on use of the word “blind” to mean things other than not having sight,35:25.245

Braille display comments,42:02.439

Reducing your shortcuts security settings to help with Castro and other apps,50:55.490

More on use of the word “blind””,53:17.161

Favourite game and favourite Bluetooth keyboard,54:04.328

Hot Dog! It’s the Bonnie Bulletin!,1:12:43.372

Bonnie chimes in on the word blind being used to mean something other than absence of sight,1:14:08.123

Review of Samson Meteor USB Condenser microphone,1:22:00.871

Review of Yamaha RA602 receiver,1:29:46.458

More feedback on using the word “blind” to mean something other than the absence of sight,1:32:12.915

RSS reader for Windows recommendation, INL Reader, and use of read later services like Instapaper and Pocket,1:33:25.928

Demo of using your iPhone as a hotel room key,1:40:20.939

Dedicated Android media devices, Samsung SmartThings and Withings smart scales,1:45:35.455

Working with Google products and question about Fantastical. Check out the Mystic Access Google tutorial,1:49:20.416

Closing announcement,1:52:19.028

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