Mosen Consulting eBook – Sonosthesia, the definitive guide to Sonos from a Blindness Perspective


If you spend time around people who are serious about audio, you’ll probably have heard of Sonos.

Sonos produces a range of smart speakers and audio peripherals, all of which can be controlled by an app. Purchase one for the room in which you listen to audio the most, then if you find yourself gripped by Sonosthesia (a term Jonathan Mosen has coined to define the condition of being totally fixated with Sonos) build up your system over time so it’s an integrated, multi-room experience. Use one app to control all the music in every room you have Sonos equipment. It’s powerful, elegant, and the speakers sound incredible.

Written by Jonathan Mosen, Sonosthesia is a comprehensive guide to the Sonos ecosystem from a blindness perspective.

Sonos equipment has a justified reputation for being best-in-class, but it’s not inexpensive. If you’re curious about what Sonos can do and how accessible it is before you take the plunge, buying a copy of Sonosthesia is a small investment to help you better understand whether a Sonos system would meet your needs.

If you have Sonos already and want to ensure you’re using it to the max, or you’re thinking about expanding your system with another product from the range, there’s plenty in Sonosthesia for you too.

Sonosthesia is many things. It’s an accessible buyer’s guide that offers plenty of information sighted people can glean from the pictures but blind people want to have explained in words. Sonosthesia contains a detailed description of every currently available Sonos product, with clear information about their layout and why you might choose one product over another in a given situation. Whether you want to build a wireless surround sound system in your living room for an immersive experience, connect Sonos to your existing rack system, or get just the right speaker for a room in your home, Sonosthesia explains it all.

Sonosthesia is a users’ guide, all written from a blindness perspective. You’ll get detailed instructions about how to set up your first Sonos product even when you can’t see the pretty indicator lights, and easily add devices to the system over time.

The book provides clear and detailed step-by-step instructions to help you get to know your Sonos app. iOS or Windows are referenced specifically, and much of the information can also be extrapolated to Mac and Android.

Sonosthesia is a tips and tricks treasure-trove. You’ll learn how easy it is to have Sonos play your favourite radio show in a particular room at a given time, pipe audio into one or multiple rooms, ensure that you can play music stored on all the computers and devices in your home, and many more tips and tricks.

Sonosthesia is a service guide. It contains a comprehensive guide to all the services available through Sonos, with a description of each one. So if you already own a Sonos but you’re not sure about whether signing up for some of the services might benefit you, tap into all the information you need, all in one place.

Sonosthesia is a geek’s guide. Even if you’re a Sonos veteran, there’s something for you in the chapter on advanced topics. Learn about the web server built into every Sonos product and how you can access it. Third-party apps provide Apple Watch support, help you broadcast your voice around your house and more. By installing some third-party software, even control your Sonos system using a web browser on devices where there’s no official app, like a blindness proprietary note taker.

Sonosthesia covers integrating your set-up with popular protocols such as AirPlay, Bluetooth and Chromecast audio.

In short, Sonosthesia is the definitive guide to Sonos from a blindness perspective. Whether you need to make sense of the Sonos range, want to ascertain whether a Sonos system is for you, or you’re a long-time user, there’s something to learn in Sonosthesia.

And it can be yours right now for just $24.95.

The Full Table of Contents

Here’s the complete Table of Contents from Sonosthesia.


Chapter One – What is Sonos?

Chapter Two – Sonos Devices









Connect Amp


Chapter Three – Setting up Sonos

Your First Device

Adding Subsequent Devices

Chapter Four – Getting Started with Sonos

Main sections of the Sonos Controller

General comments on Layout


Music Menu

Source List

The Rooms Menu

Now Playing

The Music Menu

Sonos Favourites

Sonos Playlists

On This Device

Music Library

Radio by TuneIn



Now Playing

The Queue

Adding to the Queue

Editing the Queue

Deleting the Queue


The Rooms Menu


Chapter Five – Settings

Add a Player or Sub


Room Settings

Trueplay Tuning


Room name

White Indicator Light

Create Stereo Pair


Advanced Audio

TV Set-up and Control

Line-Out Level

Manage Music Library

My Services

Date and Time Settings

Advanced Settings

Wireless Setup

System Registration

Submit Diagnostics

Beta Program

Reset Controller

Usage Data

SonosNet Channel

Audio Compression

Auto-Check for Updates

Show Media Servers

Online Updates

About my Sonos System

Chapter Six – Services

Adding a Service



Chapter Seven – Advanced Features

Adding a Radio Station

When it’s Not on Sonos



Chromecast Audio

Factory Reset

The Sonos Web Interface

The Status Screen

Support Screen

Reboot a Device

Networking Tools

Third-Party Control




Sonos Voice

Intercom for Sonos

Sonos Web Controller

Chapter Eight – Conclusion

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