The Blind Side Podcast 82, victory for Canadian guide dog handlers, Braille readers give their testimonies, should the sighted give up their seats for us, and Pam MacNeill from Disability Responsiveness New Zealand

We lead with the breaking news that the Canadian General Standards Board has abandoned its proposed service dogs standards, covered extensively in episode 43 of this podcast.

Many listeners emailed or called with feedback about the difference Braille has made to their lives. We include a selection of the comments.

We learn about new legislation promoting the use of Braille in the District of Columbia.

A listener is seeking more information on accessible cryptocurrency solutions.

The debate continues about the use of people-first language.

A listener finds an article about a past guest on the podcast, prompting the question, should sighted people have to give up their seat to a blind person on public transport?

Way back when, in The Blind Side Podcast 13, Jonathan spoke with Pam MacNeill from Disability Responsiveness New Zealand. She was just establishing her business then. Now, Pam’s back to talk about some great resources she’s produced, including a guide to making meetings inclusive, and an empowerment tool for everyone involved in the disability sector. She talks about why she always uses businesses run by other disabled people when she can, and how Mosen Consulting has helped her business grow.

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