This Week, I’m talking Overcoming Geo-blocking on Accessible World

Putting books and audio tutorials together takes a lot of time and research. For me it’s an interesting process, because someone suggests an idea, or one pops into your head, and there’s a resulting burst of enthusiasm. Then I must admit, by the time I’ve finished my research, and come up with the words to explain the concepts, and either done the editing in a word processor or sound editor, I feel like I never want to think about the subject matter again!

But then the great part comes, when the work goes on sale and people let me know how helpful they’ve found it and how they’re using the information.

“Imagine There’s No Countries”, my latest book available in DAISY and MP3, is a really good example of this. People have told me how their entertainment choices have been transformed by being able to access the content that interests them, irrespective of where they live and geographical restrictions. It’s making that kind of difference that I love most.

This Monday at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific, that’s Tuesday at 0 UTC, I’m back in the Pat Price Training Room at Accessible World, to talk about Imagine There’s No Countries.

As always, I’m looking forward to delivering the presentation and answering your questions. To make the most of the presentation, why not Buy the Book, read it over the weekend, and come with your questions and points of discussion. It should be an informative dialogue.

See you there, and thanks to Accessible World for giving me the opportunity.