Episode 185: RNZ told to lift its disability game, ACB, NFB andCOVID19, and part 2 of the BlindShell 2 review

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Here are the topics covered in this episode, and the time in the file for each.

New Zealand’s public broadcaster told to lift its disability game,0:00

The different COVID policies of ACB and NFB say it all,20:32

Braille andEloquence,30:36

Looking ahead to MacOS 13 Venturer,37:21

Braille with a capital B,39:00

The history of Braille and comments on Eloquence,40:43


Remembering Neil Rush,49:40

Finding the URLs of radio station streams,50:34

iOS passwords and Braille,51:35

the good old iPod Touch,52:28

Thoughts on the WeWalk smart cane, and I want an iTunes alternative,56:50

I just want to be a court reporter,1:00:26

Part 2 of Chris Gray’s look at the BlindShell 2,1:08:16

Karen Carpenter’s solo album,1:44:25

Getting help with Microsoft Office, and I’ve got stuttering speech,1:48:46

Apple maps mixing up east and west,1:52:45

Digital Braille isn’t as good as it should be,1:54:03

Closing and contact info,1:57:05