Mosen At Large Episode 36, Notetakers versus mainstream solutions, this week’s big Sonos announcements explained, recording on the Zoom F6 and we look ahead to WWDC

Kia ora Mosen at largers. Thanks to all your incredible contributions, it’s another busy show this week. Here’s what’s in it.



COVID-19 update, and mask debate,1:05.580

Notetakers versus Braille displays with mainstream devices,6:28.249

iOS and Braille displays together are just too dodgy,11:02.897

Setting up the Zoom F6 when blind,18:58.667

Tipping and notetakers,20:38.914

Notetakers and iPhoneSE,23:27.985

New 13-inch MacBook Pro is out,25:58.339

Parasites may have just been lucky,27:05.743

Jonathan recording on the Zoom F6 digital recorder,30:35.721

Apple needs to engage with blind people re Braille,38:43.173

The benefits of Apple’s USB 3.0 Camera Connector Kit,42:13.962

Report from New York and notetaker thoughts,43:52.673

ZoomF6 versus voice guided recorders,51:03.707

I need many devices to do what I do,52:17.662

Recommending a book called The Blind Doctor,54:13.317

Why Americans need to tip,55:18.514

Cryptocurrency and should a 50 year old bother to learn Braille,58:10.954

Is technology going to cause Braille to di out?,1:00:09.619

Recommending the Sonos MOVE portable speaker,1:02:04.525 could be an alternative to Apple’s defunct Cards app,1:03:28.666

Accessibility frustrations during COVID-19,1:04:03.392

Learning Braille in adulthood,1:10:54.557

Why I gave up my notetaker,1:12:14.829

The Benefits of mainstream devices and what happens when hearing aids break during the pandemic?,1:15:23.722

A look at the big announcements from Sonos especially their new ARC sound bar,1:18:27.519

VPN clients that work well on Windows and iOS,1:34:32.574

iPhone SE and lockdown comments,1:35:53.131

The Bonnie Bulletin begins with comments on blind people and video conferencing,1:39:35.713

Should I switch from Windows to Mac?,1:47:42.785

More notetaker feedback,1:59:33.101

We’ll know what’s in iOS 14 on 22 June,2:02:19.127

The Overcast podcast app just got way better on the Apple Watch Cellular,2:04:10.363

Tile will soon be built into some new laptops,2:05:40.584

Has Google Chrome removed voice search?,2:06:46.055

Eloquence for iOS isn’t going to happen,2:07:52.254



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