Mosen At Large Episode 37, The Sony X8500G smart TV with HomeKit support and ready for Sonos ARC, working from home tips, accommodations to cope with COVID-19 and New Zealand is unlocked

Kia ora Mosen at largers. New Zealand is unlocked, unleashed and getting back on its feet again. We wish you well wherever in the world you are during this challenging time.


Here’s what’s in store for you in another packed episode.



Apple’s Voice Control causing frustration,2:55.224

Audiophile’s impression of the Sonos Move,10:01.254

Braille note takers versus Braille displays connected to mainstream devices,13:38.714

Using iPhone with a Braille display to deliver presentations,19:34.114

Writing maths in Braille without a notetaker,27:03.122

Participating in video conferences as a blind person,30:51.002

Facebook rolls out FacebookRooms,34:29.755

Listening to speech from your iPhone and PC at the same time,35:09.608

Why it was right to stick with Nemeth Braille for maths,39:11.846

Is it right for us to ask for priority delivery from supermarkets during the pandemic?,41:59.887

A look at the Sony X8550G smart TV with HomeKit support and ready for Sonos ARC,54:11.151

Low tech suggestion for hearing iPhone and PC speech at once,1:21:21.989

Microphone recommendation,1:23:39.688

The Bonnie Bulletin begins and New Zealand is unlocked!,1:26:18.216

Low cost lapel microphone recommendation,1:40:11.248

A powerful demonstration of how calling the podcast makes technology behave,1:42:57.958

Ongoing debate about the necessity of masks,1:44:22.926

Headspace is free if you are in the US and unemployed,1:48:22.491

Some report serious battery drain when the new iPad pro is used with the new Magic Keyboard,1:50:38.825

Google Chrome will let you save tab groups,1:52:01.101

Apple News Plus considering adding audio articles,1:53:23.036



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