Mosen At Large Episode 38, Some are being locked out of iOS apps, Android about to improve significantly for blind users, working from home with multiple talking devices and your memories of talking clocks of the past

Kia ora Mosen at Largers. Here’s what we’re all discussing this week.



Some people are locked out of iOS apps,1:05.694

Hurray! Android 11 supports multi-finger gestures for screen readers,4:05.996

Remembering talking clocks from days gone by,12:12.629

Cables for hearing multiple audio sources at once,17:55.328

Any software solution for balancing audio sources?,21:31.306

The joys of VOIP and working from home,24:54.229

Talking clocks,26:37.051

Tipping in America,30:32.413

TV remote problems will a universal remote help?,32:55.102

LearningFace ID,36:06.533

The Tiffany Report episode 2. Making the most of lockdown and robotic vacuum cleaner recommendations,40:36.508

Keeping JAWS on the same audio device even when Windows sets a new default,44:12.677

JAWS Adding a feature to work-around an increasingly common Windows audio annoyance,48:42.824

In defense of cash,51:40.832

A recommendation for the Brydge keyboards for iPad and questions about maintaining cheat sheets in Ulysses,53:41.084

Baseball in empty stadia,1:02:01.517

Anyone tried a new ElBraille?,1:03:28.647

Questions about mixers,1:04:45.212

Talking clock demo,1:13:39.682

Looking for a low cost simple portable recorder,1:16:12.227

Talking clocks,1:19:03.672

Blindness technology pranks,1:21:04.879

The Bonnie Bulletin COVID-19 New Zealand update,1:23:47.239

Sad news for Seeing Eye grads,1:32:45.128

Less intrusive sighted assistance one advantage of the pandemic,1:35:29.239


More blindness tech pranks,1:43:37.602

iOS text to speech has changed for some but not others,1:44:46.623

New Zealand has the world’s longest place name,1:47:43.024

SonicCloud is a hearing assistant for iOS,1:48:49.513

how to contribute to Mosen At Large,1:52:35.613


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